Inner Voice

Time to lasso another minute. Grab it. Hang on to it. Slippery, relentless. Tick tock. Now you’ve got it what will you do with it?

Last time you saw it albeit briefly. Now hear it. Listen to your inner Goddess, President, Rock Star. There is actually something you NEED to do with this minute.

Go on do it right now. Give yourself permission.

Is it jump up and down, sit quietly and relax, scream like a crazy person, pick up the phone, blissfully chill and breathe, say sorry, be brave, find that special something?

If you listen you will hear your inner noise. Cut through and beyond is the clear voice. Listen as we know we can…..and do it.

Just a minute now ….

Let’s Go.


  1. Tracey

    Love it…! Thanks for that little moment of stopping…breathing…being quiet…! Tracey X

    • nicoletreasure

      Thankyou Tracey…hard to find those little moments….so worthwhile though when we do!

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