Do you know what time it is? Of course, you do. You’ve been checking your watch, smartphone, computer, oven clock, alarm clock constantly.

Time to lose yourself. I know impossible right? Down right wrong. Nope, you can if you try and why not? Everyone needs a quick daydream.

Go on just try for one minute to be frivolous and let your mind wander. I wonder if you can do it.

None of this “go to your happy place” stuff. Just go any place different to the one you are in right now.

In fact, go for opposites. Are you in a noisy space – go quiet country. Are you alone – go crowds. Are you up high (mmm I’m thinking office block or mountain top) – go scuba diving momentarily.

It can’t hurt. Just go, no tickets, queues, customs or passport required.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now ….

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  1. Katie

    I love this post! Excited to try this out.

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