Enjoy your food

You probably have the whole locale worked out right? You know where to buy all your favourite stuff? The best coffee. The most delicious bread. Your ultimate lunch takeout. Salad to die for. Best group dinner sorted, best catchup over a bite with conversation checked and ready. Date night hot spot tick.

Boy, I’m guessing you even have a drawer full of menus lurking somewhere for those dine in moments.

Have you nailed the breakfast on the run, on the train, in the car? Juggling with precision? You can balance lunch and a to-list of chores on the run I know.

Why not take a moment to really enjoy what you’re eating.

I’m not saying chew it all 30 times before swallowing. But maybe actually taste the food. Radical I know.

Ever thought about the ingredients challenge? You know guess the ingredients. Thing about that is you actually have to try to taste the food rather than gobble.

Bring out your inner tasting queen or king and enjoy. Let us eat cake!

Let’s go.

Just a minute now ….

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  1. Lyn graham

    Love it! I plan to savour every mouthful. Thanks for the reminder to slow down.

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