You’re the driver

So, back to the Messy Middle.  We looked in the rear vision mirror and reflected on what we’ve done more of, less of and what things we’ve done differently.

And now?

Well, you’re the driver. You get to decide.

Carolyn Garnet McGraw recently reminded me about Glennon Doyle’s take on advice, which is basically: Don’t give it.

So, I won’t.

Rather, you can work it out for yourself. We’re here (many of us in lock-down), and we’re thinking about what the second half of the year might look like.

Let’s face it. Much of this you simply couldn’t make up.

Who’s got the Map?

It’s not like we all have PhDs for a once-in-a-lifetime Pandemic or even the smallest amount of experience to draw on.

So you get to create your own map where you keep doing the same things, or you can change it up.

You can moan about all the things you can’t do, places you can’t go and people you can’t see, or you could be grateful for the tiny pieces of your life that are making you smile right now.

Maybe you have more time to enjoy playing with the little people or pets in your life, or you’re feeling blessed with less commuting, or having fun as you cook up a storm, or explore a new activity.

And perhaps what’s making you smile is none of the above.

But you know there will be something. Something worthwhile, valuable, positive and precious. A small thing to be grateful for. Something to help give you a little direction. Grab it with both hands. It could be your road map outta here, in disguise.

Let’s go (this way)

Just a minute now


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