The Plan

So how prepared are you exactly? Do you have a plan?

A plan for ……? Well….everything really.

Do you know what’s on today, what the week looks like? Do you think beyond breakfast or just go with the flow?

Is there a list on the fridge for when things run out? There are some things you will miss (I don’t need to remind you which ones do I?)

Is it a smoke detector, a will, a folder for tax receipts or some insurance you need? Perhaps you think this doesn’t apply to you. You don’t need a plan or a plan B? Just maybe you need to think about one thing that would make you more prepared.

Take a minute to consider the idea.

When the hurricane or typhoon comes you want to fill the bath with water. Do you actually own a bathplug? Any chance a torch with batteries could be found if needed?

Any idea when the car registration runs out? How much is on your stored value transport card? Got a few stamps up your sleeve incase you fancy sending holiday cards?

When the in-laws just pop in unexpectedly will you have the contents for a cup of tea or coffee on hand? No, you can’t buy copious chocolate biscuits just in case. OK maybe if you do you could hide them in the back of the freezer where no one will notice.

Do you have a plan? For something, for someone, for right now……plot, ponder, plan.

Let’s Go

Just a minute now …



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