Time Out

Wow, when did we get so busy with our busy-lists? There are whole stationery shops and app store categories dedicated to keeping us on top of our to-do lists. Surely we could just stop….momentarily at least? Why does “taking a moment” seem so luxurious?

What would happen? Anything? Maybe nothing.

Let’s go with nothing. This is not the time for paper shuffling, sock pairing, pantry arranging or colour coordination on any scale. Aim for nothing. The objective is nothing. Vision and mission nothing.

How about we just poddle without purpose, piddle, plop around with no intention, direction or objective. Why not? Try to give yourself some space, room to explore, gaze, wonder off….dare we say day dream?

Let’s take the least direct route. Gently. You do not have to walk like you are escaping a fire. Slow down.

Refresh, refocus and retreat. It’s almost time for the New Year.

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now …


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