Attention span of a goldfish

Today is just too full. A schedule overflowing and a brain to match.

It has come to our attention that in fact, we have no attention at all.

For every 6-7 seconds you have my attention and then I’m off again on yet another tangent. The attention span of a goldfish, that’s me (and maybe you too?).

The surrounding wealth of information creates our poverty of attention.

So what could you do for a whole minute? That’s 60 seconds by the way, not 6 seconds.

Could you concentrate on just one thing? Now there’s a challenge.

Would you close your eyes and stop? Would you read quietly? Power down? Would you gaze and wonder? Would you breathe deeply? Ring a friend? Would you plot and plan? Relax and have a cuppa?

Are you nervous just thinking about this?

Can you stop juggling 8 different things for just one minute?

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now …


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