Good Better Best

How are you feeling today? Good, better, best?

Not all days will be a 10/10. Nope, some will be a whole lot less.

Often it’s hard to be wearing so many hats.

Pick a day, any day and you will find us doing our best as the Angel, the Best Friend, the Countess of all we survey, the awesome Daughter, the ever present ear that listens and the Best Boss.

Last week we were Princess material, Sister, Clown, Goddess, Wife, a great Partner, Hostess with the Mostess, Shoulder to cry on, Mother, Employee of the month, Volunteer and more.

In essence, we can juggle with the best of them. Some days we do a good job, other days an even better job and occasionally we just rock it with the best of them.

Whichever day it is today for you, take a minute and give yourself a high-five.

We’re doing our best.

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now …


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