A little

Ok, here it is. Today I just can’t do a lot of everything all at once. No juggling for me. How about you?

I’m choosing to do a little instead.

Sometimes a day or even a week can start off this way.

Ask anyone who has a new job with a steep learning curve, an exam looming and an overloaded brain, or someone who missed out on a good night’s sleep. There are limits.

Limits to our energy, our patience, our capacity and our time.

So we consciously (or unconsciously) decide today will be a day for a little, not a lot.

It might be a little less.

It might be a little more.

It might be a little different.

Our little may be small in size, miniature, tiny, dainty or wee. It may be brief, momentary, quick and transient but it is not trivial, petty or inconsequential. It is merely the best we can do right here and right now.

There will be no tinge of remorse that we are not at our most busy. Our schedule will not be overflowing. We will not throw shade on our little contribution.

A little time shared or a little word spoken is ultimately better than none at all.

Good things come in small (little) packages.

Let’s go.
Just a minute now  …


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