I just called to say ….

When you’ve got a spare minute in your day how will you spend it? Are you likely you stop, to collapse, breathe, sigh, close your eyes, text furiously or write more to-do lists?

Could you make a quick call?

Would you spend your moments to give someone an unexpected lift?

“Hi, I just called to say …..”

I love you or
I was thinking of you or
I’m just checking in or

I was wondering how you are or
It might be nice to catch up or
I have some quick news to share or
I have 5 minutes to myself and thought I’d spend them with you.

That may be the most beautiful thing that happens to this person all day.

It’s a little thing with giant impact.

Sometimes the tiniest thought or story you share can mean the most to someone in surprising ways. A connection, a link, a bond, a smile…

Make someone’s day and call their number.

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now.


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