Queues here there and everywhere

Queues and lines here, there and everywhere. You cannot escape them.

Want to get from A to B join the queue. Want to go to the bathroom head to the back of the line. Need some money, the ATM or bank queues are for you. Need a stamp, again line up.

In a car, follow the leader. In or out of assembly or meetings another queue.

Need food – express ten items or less one queue or join the trolleys line. Coffee….boy that barista looks busy.

Since you are bound to queue use your time wisely.

Take a minute with no edits, reflect. Where am I now? Where do I want to be? How will I get there?

Failing to plan is not so great so give yourself this moment while you can.

Mmmm amazing the clarity you can find in the strangest places.

Are we there yet?

Let’s Go

Just a minute now …


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