Ordinary to Extraordinary

Today has been really ordinary. Actually, the week has been lack lustre. Do you have that nothing to nowhere feeling? Let’s change it up and try …. Something to somewhere by adding a sprinkle of direction.

Your journey needs a driver. That’s you.

Repeat after me: I wish, I will. Well, that’s a thought. What do you actually wish for? Get some clarity around this.

Even as a kid when you were wishing on a star you had a list of wishes lined up. What happened…where is your wish list now?

When in doubt, work out the bits you don’t want. Helps us get clear on the bits we love.

You have a shopping list, a needs-to-be-fixed list, a to-do list, a must finish before I go home list. Why not have a wish list.

The stars will be out soon so spend a minute working up your best wish list.

Let’s Go

Just a minute now….


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