Seems like a great idea at the time. A big adventure across time zones on buses, trains, planes or in cars.

We’ll just pack and go.

The air will be cleaner, bluer. The water will be warm. The palm trees will sway like in the photos. You will take up residence in the hammock.

We won’t forget the toothpaste this time. The wheels on the suitcase won’t collapse. No one will get sick. The schedule won’t be delayed.

We will all love the food. The relatives have changed, they’re easy to get along with now.

Or not….

Thinking all will be perfect may be unrealistic. Spend a minute considering a Plan B, C and D….maybe they’re more fun than Plan A.

Just a minute now…

Let’s Go


  1. Jacqui

    loved this😀 Useful, fun, upbeat…thank you!

    • nicoletreasure

      Thankyou so much Jacqui !

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