Holding our breath

Is 2020 the year we are collectively holding our breath?

We inhale and wait for the election result that will impact us near and far.  We hold our breath as stock markets and currencies twist and turn.

We hold our breath and hope our internal borders will open soon and states will come back to one whole.

We wait and pray for the case numbers each day and hold our breath when we see the essential workers sighing with exhaustion. We hear of second and third waves and suck in the air.

We hold our breath when a vaccine is mentioned or another element of its trial is complete and we wish for speed and success.

We have a test and wait impatiently for the results while holding our breath.

We watch returning friends come in and out of hotel quarantine.

We hold our breath as the quota of visitors to our country stays low and we wonder how those needing and wanting to get home ever will.

We remember the times where international travel and flights that took us far away for business and pleasure were a possibility. The pilots, crew and ground staff hold their breath waiting for a call to action.

We look longingly at our suits and shoes and spy the bus, train and ferry cards that used to get us to work. We see long queues of people seeking support who have no work and gather what we can contribute.

We hear water restrictions are necessary and the scenes of earlier bushfires light up in our minds.

The grandparents watch their legacies decline and the students move online. We inhale once more.

We know this too shall pass. We remember many have been through much worse and survived. A 97-year-old veteran reminds us and says “lest we forget”. 

We know we can paint a better picture.

We look forward to the time we can exhale a long overdue sigh. An exhale so long and luxurious, our shoulders relax, we feel calm and we smile.

Are you still holding your breath? Let go gently.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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