Destination unknown….once upon a time in a boat

Someone said, “We’re all in the same storm, but in different boats”.


Many of us may have felt like we were on the Titanic most days. Others continue to enjoy a relatively relaxing cruise through the storms and have found much to celebrate. Then there were those that got on the mystery boat without a captain, map or compass. Destination unknown.


It’s been hard to know what’s coming next, hard to know what to do next and simply challenging because of all the uncertainty.


And yet through all the rough waters and despite great unforeseen odds, we have found something to keep us going. The masked and distanced drinks with neighbours or the work team cocktails online kept our spirits high.  There were days when we heard shared songs and music in the distance and knew we were not alone.


The treats delivered to friends in quarantine and calls, texts, memes, tik toks and notes to and from people far and wide kept us connected.


The unlikely collaborations and ingenious creations have made us smile. We may not have travelled as the borders remained closed but the backgrounds we discovered were a glimpse of travels we long for.


The quote of the year remains  “you’re on mute” and the happy dance continues when a restriction is lifted or some easing takes place.


So as we notice the toilet paper has been replenished and the flour and dried fruit supplies are becoming scarce we know we are not alone planning our festive cakes and looking forward to a happy ending.


There will be choppy waters ahead and clearly, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing to now, but we continue to plot a course despite the destination unknown.


Let’s go (together)


Just a minute now.



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