Good things come to those who wait although sometimes it just doesn’t seem like it.

Have you ever rung a service provider only to end up listening to their entire playlist (none of your favourites) and then you never actually get to speak to a real person?

How about around the Holidays when everyone has the same to-do list as you? The world has decided to undertake their food shopping, collect this and drop that at exactly the same time as you. Uncanny really.

In some places, the queues or lines are perfect single file realities. Others are more like the dog’s breakfast…..not so perfect.

You try and jump in the shower at the gym but there is a queue of people with the same idea. You need a parking spot but then so does half your neighbourhood.

All this waiting is a means to an end but it doesn’t have to be awful.

Take a minute to use this time wisely. Become momentarily a professional people watcher. Get a PhD
(poor hungry desperate) look at everyone around you. How are they coping with the wait?

Some not so well? Give them a smile. They may prefer to sit down or run away. Perhaps you feel you’d like to skip out at this point also so you might as well smile. The minute is almost up. No more waiting….until tomorrow.

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now …


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