Perfect is overrated 

Immaculate, stylish, perfectly put together. None of these words have been used to describe me recently… Or at any other time for that matter. Nope.

How about you?

Do you struggle to find two shoes that match? Or are you seen and snapped endlessly looking divine.

There are books out there with “what not to wear” in the title. A hint perhaps?

Sick of trying to live up to others expectations? Go rouge. Be genuinely you.

Right now put on something unexpected. You have a minute to find it.

A yellow hat, a purple scarf, a crazy headband (even if you’re bald)…..the rocker chic, Juicy Lucy, Mad Max, punk or princess.

Show up today as the authentic you. Not the cardboard cut-out…

Let’s go.

Just a minute now …



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