No more (than) yes

Wow, that’s the third time I’ve said yes in ten minutes and by doing so I’ve lost a day, today’s lunchtime and any chance of getting home early. No more.

“Yes” – it’s a simple word but once it’s said …. well….you’re on the hook.

“No” on the other hand should be easier to say. Two letters, quick, precise.

Guess which one focussed, productive people use more?

Continuous daily incremental improvements. A tiny step towards more no replies than yes replies.

I’d love to help you immediately but unfortunately ….

I’m sure your request is super urgent but …

You’d like me to fly to the moon with you tomorrow and pack your bags? That sounds very exciting but …


No more.

Determine where you are wasting a lot of time and energy. Maybe a few more “no” answers needed there.

Ask yourself what small steps you could make to be more productive, happy, efficient, joyful, creative, (whatever you’re aiming for). No to stuff not heading in that direction.

Set aside time to check-in and see where you are kicking the goals, enjoying the day, getting the achievements you hoped for.

Still trying to say “yes” less often to avoid the overwhelm, full schedules, back-to-back commitments, lack of pause, no rest?

Close your eyes and picture what you need to be doing to reach your goals and intentions today.  Breathe.

“No” more than “yes” starts now.

Let’s go (when it suits you of course)

Just a minute now.


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