Like an ice cube melting energy has a habit of running out. It dissipates and then poof it’s gone leaving us just….well exhausted.

Get honest with yourself in this minute and identify where you’re at ….are you ready to spring forward with vim and vigour or are you ready to collapse, implode, drop?

Energy is the currency you have up your sleeve but let’s face it, not always. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep, feeling stressed or just plain overwhelmed?

If your day (mmm every day) is full to the point of excess – it’s simply time to unload, unwind and say no. There is a finite amount of energy, of push, of thrust and at this rate, it looks like the meter is running close to empty.

You probably think burn-out is someone else’s problem. Not you. Not superwoman, not superman. Let’s hope you’re right.

Take a minute to add to your energy. Do something that you know helps to relax you. Restore, revive, take a breath. Time to awaken, uplift, improve or regenerate. Find a pep in your step.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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