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With a Twist

Why do anything with a twist?

Simply put we can’t all be beige. Sometimes we just need the twist, the special something that makes us unique, exciting, memorable, different.

So you’ve got an idea.

You know it’s good and maybe even great. What’s next?

Perhaps you now need someone to share the thinking with, someone to ask curious questions and consider the direction and next steps with.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been working in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. I’ve been fortunate and had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands in the world. Brands that hold their spaces in retail, food and beverage, entertainment, home goods, apparel, travel, airline and some very diverse industries.

Doing this has allowed me to peek inside some small, medium and large organisations and see how they work and how they strive to improve.

More importantly, I have been working alongside all sorts of people. The cultures, tastes, interests, ideals have been varied. What remains constant is the priority of differentiation and engagement. Everyone wants to stand out and catch and keep their audience.

This idea seems to apply from the moment you interview for the new job, the day your product goes “live”, the promotion begins or the message is launched to your tribe.

Was it genuine, authentic, consistent, trustworthy? Will you stand out and be remembered?

Let’s think about this together with a twist.

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