What if … ?

What if you just believed today would be better?

You might decide to try something new despite the odds.

You may wonder if you were at your best what you could do right now.

After all, you are amazing, strong, wonderful, brave, kind, loved and worthy of a better day.

Perhaps now you’ve been reminded of how great you are you will keep going, find your tenacity, find your drive.

You might forgive a little. Forget a little. Tiptoe into the next small step forward.

You may help, support and hold others up. You might be there for someone who also needs reminding how incredible they are.

You’d jump in. Move forward. See some progress, feel productive. You’d remember that courage is strength, perseverance and that you are capable.
You would notice the goals around you being kicked, the accomplishments large and small. You would help celebrate every one of them.

You might start something and ignore those self-doubting thoughts about it not being the right time. Create something anyway. There’s time, and it’s yours to spend.

You could show gratitude to others and perhaps a little compassion for yourself. Be silly, kind, funny, be you.

You’d have lots of imperfect conversations which is so much better than no conversations at all.

What if you listened to your heart? You have 1440 minutes.

Let’s go (today is the day)

Just a minute now.



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